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(Not Quite) VEGAS, BABY! The Dacre Arms Wedding

I ran a competition a while ago on instagram for followers, local to me (in London and the SE) to win their wedding photos totally free. Nicole and her husband-to-be Nathan were the lucky winners and, boy, am I glad that they did!

This wedding, though so far from what they'd planned, will certainly be hard to top. It was filled with DIY, personal touches, and absolutely crammed with big, bright personalities, great fun, and so much joy. It was quite the party!

The ceremony was hosted at Manor House Gardens in Lewisham, set on a beautiful park with a lake, in a big house. It's what registry offices wish they were. It certainly wasn't the Elvis hosted, Las Vegas elopement they had hoped for, but it did not fall short.

Nathan wore a suit of emerald green, and his bride wore sunflower converse with a heart made of her father's jeans stitched onto the back of her dress. Wherever she went that day, he had her back, despite being missing in person.

South London is full of bright personalities and wonderful people, and this lot were certainly that. Check out some of my favourite photos of the day.


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