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Sofia and Dariush's Hawaiian wedding at York House Gardens

Shooting weddings never gets boring, I'm meeting new people and taking part in a day that is a big, and memorable part of their lives. The pressure is real, and the payoff is realer. I love it.

Getting the opportunity to take the wedding photos of an old school friend was even more pressure, and even more fun!

Sofia and Dariush got marries at York House Gardens in Twickenham, London. A huge manor house sits on carefully tended to gardens, from picturesque bridges to overhanging trees, this venue has no shortage of locations for beautiful photographs. When you're getting married in London there are so many venues to choose from that it can be difficult to decide, York House is definitely a good option for those on a budget. The ceremony room was large and bright, the celebrant knowledgable and funny, and our couple seemed pleased as punch with their day.

Once the deed was done and Sofia and Dariush were joined in holy matrimony, the party moved back to their home for a Hawaiian themed bash. Their honeymoon to Hawaii has been put on hold, thanks to COVID, so this was the next best thing.


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