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Married at St. Pauls (Beckenham) Phoebe and Sam's third time was the charm.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

After having had to postpone their wedding THREE times, Sam and Phoebe were beyond ready to get their big day on the road.

"I love saying it," Phoebe's mum said that morning as they all got ready, "my daughter's getting married in St. Pauls."

We all laughed at that. The ceremony was being held in St. Pauls Church in Beckenham (South London/Kentish/Bromley borders), and while not quite as grand as the big St. P, it certainly wasn't anything to sniff at.

Covid weddings have had people sacrificing all sorts of things just to ensure that their big day can actually go ahead, but this wedding certainly proved that bigger doesn't have to be better. Surrounded by friends and family you could feel the love, joy and relief in the room when Sam and Phoebe finally got their rings on one another (not without a bit of a fight though)!

Take a look at some of the photos from their big day below!


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