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Alana and Peter at Hendon Town Hall

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

COVID made a big mess of a lot of people's wedding plans and Alana and Peter sadly fell victim to this. Their wedding date at Hendon Town Hall in August 2020 was so short notice they barely had a week to organise everything. When they reached out to Facebook to ask for a wedding photographer, based in London, available for a very small wedding I jumped at the chance.

They were only allowed to have six guests and, at the time, the photographer had to be one of them. There was a lot of pressure to get the best shots that I could within a small time frame, under restrictions and to make it seem like there were none at all.

Thankfully, Hendon was a place I knew well, I went to school there and I also went to Middlesex University which is, conveniently, next door to the Town Hall.

Knowing the location is key to getting good images and I always try my best to look up all the wedding venues before the day, this includes Google images, Maps, and satellite! I even try to visit them if I can.

Luckily, Universities often keep their grounds looking good, and even try to have art installations, which Middlesex does!

Here's a selection of my favourite images from their wedding. Already a year on and they're having just as much fun in married life as they did at their wedding!


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