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London Family Photography - Mother holds her Daughter lovingly as Father looks on.
Family Photography
Farrah K Photography


I'm Farrah and I'd love to be your

London Family Photographer

Family photography is close to my heart. The mind loses detail as time passes, and I love capturing those details -- little things that you look back on in years to come.


People look their best when they're having fun and there's no such thing as forced fun!


The best way to create authentic, intimate photos is to have a great time, and to be yourselves, as you are. 

I've worked with families of all sizes and kids of all ages! I've seen just about everything. Your photos are in good hands!



London Family Photographer Farrah K

Family Photography

In your element

We decide on a location somewhere in London or the surrounding areas for your session.


Somewhere that you'll feel comfortable and perhaps with some significance to you and your family - this could be the park, or even your kitchen table!


I promise not to make you pose for lots of dull and boring photos.

My family photography is all about capturing how you already interact with each other, fun-filled moments and joyful laughter. I want you to see the you that you always are, something that shows you as a family, personality and all.

We'll talk, play and tell stories to bring out the genuine emotions and authentic reactions that will make your photos look fabulous, but real. Just like the photos below!

All of the photos within this option are taken either in your home or in a place of your choosing.


Family Photography

Studio Photos

While the sentiment remains the same – capturing how you and your family interact with each other, naturally – we do it this time in a bright studio! 

White backdrops are classic, timeless and clean, so this is what I will mostly stick to, however we have the option of adding a few images done on a creamy background and a black one. 


I still promise not to make you pose for lots of dull and boring photos, but studio photos will involve more direction.

My family photography is natural and timeless, photos that will stand the test of time. 

Just like the photos below!


Real London Family Photography Sessions

Check out my blog for stories of our Family Photoshoots and some of the gorgeous family photos we created together.