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Maisie's First Christmas -- Christmas Mini Sessions 2021

Never work with kids and animals, as the old saying goes.

Yeah, it's difficult, I admit, but where's the fun in ease? No challenge? Part of being a photographer, working in a creative industry, for myself, with no boss and no rules, is the joy of challenge. I get to create new things, and make art, whenever I want to.

I encourage all my clients to look on the internet for things that inspire them! From poses to colours, to style, clothing, whatever they like, that they think looks good, I take on board and we incorporate it into the session as best we can.

This includes bringing pets! Dogs, cats, horses, lizards, rats, tarantulas, whatever you can think of I would tell you to bring!

Naturally, so far, I've only had dogs and cats, but there's a first for everything.

Anyway, meet Maisie! She's a four month old border terrier, a tiny little thing, and her parents love her so much they wanted her in their family christmas cards because, as we all know A Dog Is For Life! They're part of the family.

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