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London Wedding Photographer and Family Photographer Farrah K.

Who IS she?

Farrah K Photography

There are moments in life whose importance we don't realise until they're gone.


In 2016 I had a son named Ezra, and nine weeks later, suddenly and unexpectedly, he died. The photographs I had of those nine weeks suddenly became the most precious things I had.


For the span of his life I had approximately 500 photographs and some of those I had taken myself with the professional camera (though, at the time, I was not particularly good at anything -- a beginner in every sense of the word!). However, the quality of those photographs allowed me to zoom in, see every details of his eyes, his skin, everything – and they are invaluable. I would give anything to have more.


On top of that, as a single parent there were so few opportunities to get pictures of the both of us together that weren’t selfies I could probably count how many I have on one hand. I had saved up for a proper session but he died before we managed to make it.


While I had been a long-time hobbyist, this is what pushed me into photography properly – ensuring other people have those memories to look back on. Things are so easily lost to time in general and when we have the power to freeze them, we should. 



London family photographer Farrah K and her daughter.

Photographs are a way to keep memories for ourselves to look back on as we age, as our children age, for history, those children to look back on, and their children, and I know as well as any how important these things can unexpectedly become.


I decided then that if nobody was going to do these things for me then I would do them for myself, and then for other people.

Things have evolved since then. I've rekindled my passion for photography and can often be found creating all sort of different styles with different subjects. Nothing is out of bounds.  I always strive to capture emotion and the human connection when it comes to loving moments in both my family and wedding photography. My newborn work is focused solely on your baby, their personality and how they look right now, the things that make them individual.


If you're looking for a different style of work, be that creative portraits, headshots, pets or anything else, check out my blog and see some of my passion projects.

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