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Maternity self-portraits, classics

I don't usually take maternity photos. While my "studio set up" is just about good enough, and the editing skills certainly make up for it, I just don't find myself much inspired by maternity work. This is mostly down to, I think, a real lack of variety of the options for posing, accentuating, and really focusing on baby bumps.

What more can you do than hold, touch, cradle, look at? Not a huge amount, I think. However, this is usually what clients want.

I prefer alternative maternity photos. Something a bit different. I couldn't find anything or anyone offering that near me, or even really anywhere. I did many google searches, and many pinterest searches, asked in all my photography facebook groups, but still there was no bite.

Nothing exciting!

So, okay. I'll do it myself then.

Here are my maternity portraits inspired by classical art pieces. First Greek, then French.

Can you see the inspiration?


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