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Lockdown, Baby. Imogen and Lewis's family photos

I photographed Imogen and Lewis on the day of their Civil Partnership in Rochester -- an early autumn day where Rochester's historical town centre really shines. Think castle backdrops, looming cathedrals, independent shops nestled in historical buildings, wonky, cobblestoned streets. You know what I'm talking about.

They're moving house soon, and further away from London. We took this opportunity, in the week before the big move, for me to finally meet their baby boy and to snap a few family photos as they say goodbye to a place that has been their home for a few years.

It's always so nice to revisit families, whether that's more family photos or family after a weddings. I love to see how people have grown, how their children have grown, how they've settled into their new lives, and being able to (at the risk of sounding cliche here) capture those memories for them is a real treat.

Gotta love it.

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