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Alex's Shoreditch Portraits

Portrait photography has always been interesting to me. The composition, location, colours in editing, everything is chosen specifically to portray the subject, to tell the viewer something about them.

I met Alex online and as soon as I saw him I could see the photographs. I knew exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do with him, and so when I reached out with my ideas he was keen to get on board! We met up on a midweek afternoon at Shoreditch High Street station and immediately we got going.

Shoreditch is known for its cool and urban look, graffiti changes on a regular basis meaning that it can be different from one week to the next. It's a haven for a huge mishmash of people from hipsters, to rockers, tourists or even just your bagel lover (Beigel Bake -- the white shop -- is the best, as we all know).

Alex is in a band, and loves the metal scene, so we went with that, taking into account the 80's look he's got going on, and this was how it went!

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